Whether you have a Lexus ES or a Lexus CT, proper car care will go a long way for ensuring the live of your vehicle as well as safety when you are on the roads. Having your car battery checked from time to time will give you the peace of mind that you need to know you are ready to go for any driving adventures. At your Southern California Lexus dealership, we are able to take on any of the vehicle maintenance you need. Simply give us a call at Keyes Lexus of Valencia at (877) 645-5714 and we can set up a convenient appointment time for a battery check to ensure elements like:

Engine Incorporation

The last thing that you want to have is a car battery lacking enough power or poor connections. This can lead to sluggish performance as well as a number of functional issues. It is crucial that you have a car battery in your new Lexus model that is in good shape to take on all of your driving adventures so that your engine and all of the electrical components are able to work in unison.


The battery in your vehicle works to bring power to your electronic fuel injector. Even though the engine can work from alternator power, there needs to be somewhere to store the power not being directly used by the engine. Your reliable car battery will be a real asset when you want high performance out of your Lexus.


If you happen to have an anti-theft system in your vehicle, the car battery is there to help kick into protection mode. This is just one of the many reasons to make sure that your battery is properly connected and with ample charge.

Whatever you need for Lexus parts and service near Valencia, you can count on us at Keyes Lexus of Valencia located at 24033 Creekside Road in beautiful Valencia, CA. Call the service department today at (877) 645-5714 and we can set you up for a time to have your battery fully checked or replaced.