Everyone complains about gas prices and the last thing you want is to have your fuel budget keep you from having fun this summer. When you know that you have a road trip planned or lots of daily driving in your Lexus LS 500, using some easy tips can keep the money in your pocket where it belongs. Your friends at Keyes Lexus of Valencia want you to know that a lot of smaller savings can translate into a decent amount for the year.

Gas Rewards – Have you given much thought when it comes to signing up for gas cards? You may have a grocery store that you visit where you can get rewards based on your purchases that will save you pennies off of each gallon of fuel.

Mindful Driving – The smarter you are about your driving habits, the easier it will be to get the most of your fuel budget. Going the speed limit will help to keep your vehicle performance under control and eliminate wasting gas with a pattern of excessive acceleration and braking.

Use Your Features – When you are being the wheel of your new Lexus car, you have a wealth of features at your disposal to enhance your driving experience as well as fuel economy. Be sure to use your cruise control whenever possible and use your air conditioner instead of having the windows down on the highway.

Keyes Lexus of Valencia is available to assist with all your automotive needs, including help when you want to lower your fuel costs. Call our service center today at (877) 645-5714 and we will be happy to set you up with a time for summer maintenance. You will find our dealership located at 24033 Creekside Road in Valencia, CA.