Picking out a new car that you would like to test drive is easy, but you also need to be sure that you are doing everything possible during the test drive to ensure a good fit. At Keyes Lexus of Valencia, we see drivers all the time who are looking for a unique vehicle with the latest features. When you stop by to see us at our Valencia, CA Lexus dealer location, we will walk you through each vehicle you are interested in and make sure that you hit all of the major points during the test drive experience.

Know The Features

You know there are certain features that drew you to the vehicle you are test-driving, so be sure to ask us to go over them in detail during the walkthrough. Whether you are interested in a Lexus NX or a Lexus LC, we can show you the interior features and make sure you are comfortable for your test drive. This is also the time to check out the location of all controls and make adjustments before heading out on the roads.

The Drive

Test-driving a vehicle works best if you are able to closely mimic your regular driving habits. We can show you some of the local roads to test braking with stop-and-go traffic as well as maneuvering through city streets. It is also a good idea to head onto the highway to check performance while getting up to a higher speed. During this time, we can go over other elements such as standard safety equipment.

24033 Creekside Road in Valencia, CA is where you will find us at Keyes Lexus of Valencia, so come by today for your new Lexus test drive. If you have questions when it comes to pricing and selection, please give our sales department a call at (855) 680-0538 and we will be happy to help.