All cars require regular vehicle maintenance and service from time to time. It’s just a part of owning a car. For Lexus drivers in the Valencia area, getting top-notch Lexus service is extremely easy. That’s because we have a state-of-the-art service center manned by highly trained technicians. 

Getting Seasonal Lexus Service

Seasonal service doesn’t necessarily mean getting your car serviced around the holiday season, although depending on when you last serviced your vehicle, it might. Instead, a seasonal service schedule means that you stick to the spring, fall, or summer, winter service schedule. 

Why would you stick to a seasonal service schedule? It’s pretty simple. By getting regular maintenance, you reduce your car’s risk of encountering problems or breaking down at the worst possible time. 

Sticking to a seasonal maintenance schedule is pretty easy when you plan ahead. After all, it’s easy to forget about your air filters, wiper blades, and even engine oil. By planning ahead and scheduling your service in advance, you can better prevent your car from encountering common issues that could escalate if you don’t take care. 

What You Should Do Between Service

While you should come in roughly twice a year, one in the spring or summer and once in the fall and winter, there are things you can and should do at home to keep your car in shape. 

Regularly, about once a month or so, you’ll want to do a quick check of several key areas. Look at your oil and fluid levels, check your belts, and inspect your hoses. If you notice any cracks, low levels, or anything else, you know it’s time for maintenance. You should also be checking your tire pressure, especially during the colder months. Tire pressure changes with the weather, so keeping an eye on your tires is always smart. 

When you do need expert Lexus service, there’s one place that always has your back. That’s us here at Lexus of Valencia. For all your service needs, contact us today.

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