A little Lexus service can make a big difference when it comes to the safety and reliability of your Lexus vehicle. That’s why Lexus of Valencia is dedicated to providing high-quality service and care, and why we’re here to answer your most pressing questions about Lexus service support. Here’s a look at Lexus fuel economy, and the best ways to save gas.  

Our Lexus vehicles are innovative and equipped with eco-friendly systems and parts, but there are still ways to reduce gas consumption and save on every ride. Here are just a few simple options for cutting gas use in your Lexus.  

  • Reduce the Weight: The Lexus vehicles available here at Lexus of Valencia can tow and carry big loads without breaking a sweat. That said, you’ll want to remove excess weight from your vehicle whenever possible. This will reduce pressure on essential systems and improve fuel efficiency.  
  • Consider Your Driving: Different terrains and driving styles can impact different parts and systems in your vehicle. If you notice that certain parts are wearing down more quickly or that your fuel efficiency goes down on specific routes, consider adjusting your driving style to save. Carpooling, alternate routes, or upgrades and accessories for your Lexus vehicle can all help.  
  • Schedule Service: Routine Lexus service has many benefits, including improved safety and comfort. With regular service, you can also help to maintain or improve vehicle efficiency, which means big savings at the pump every time.  

You can find the perfect Lexus for all your driving needs and schedule the service you can rely on right here at Lexus of Valencia. Save gas and keep your car running right with support from our expert service team today.