Spring is coming to southern California, so it’s time to perform seasonal Lexus service to prepare for warmer weather. Winter is the most demanding season on a vehicle, even in milder climates, so spring is the best time for a complete check-up at Lexus of Valencia.

What to Do at Home

Some spring maintenance can be done in your garage. A cleaner car won’t just look better; it runs better, too, so give it a thorough wash and wax. You should also turn on your air conditioning system and let it run for a while, noting if it isn’t performing well or if there are odd sounds. Finally, you and a partner can check if your vehicle’s lights function properly.

What to Do at Our Shop

Some spring service needs to be performed by professionals at a dealership service center.

Battery Service

Cooler temperatures take their toll on batteries. California summers are even worse, leading to self-discharge and other issues. Use this in-between time to have your battery inspected, cleaned, and maintained.

Oil and Fluid Changes

Motor oil, coolant, and other fluids need periodic changes too. If it’s been a while, or if you’re unsure of the last time they were changed, take this opportunity to take care of them.

Tire Service

Tire pressure fluctuates with temperature changes. Tires also need balancing, rotation, and periodic replacement. Here’s your reminder!

Filters, Wipers, and More

The change of seasons is a good reminder of smaller items that are easy to forget. Your engine air filter, fuel filter, cabin filter, wipers, and a host of other items should be assessed and replaced if they’re at the end of their service life.

Schedule Lexus Maintenance in Valencia

Spring is an excellent opportunity for a complete car checkup. Come down to Lexus of Valencia, your Valencia Lexus dealership, and have our team of professionals prepare you for the warmer months today!