Taking your vehicle in for oil changes may not be your favorite activity, so many opt for the convenience of a quick lube shop. As you’ll see, there are several reasons why you might want to go a different way and choose a Lexus service appointment at a dealership over the seemingly convenient option.

You Might Be Turned Away

Because speed is the name of the game at quick lube shops, you might be turned out without them even touching your vehicle. That’s because if a filter is difficult to get to or takes too much time, they’ll simply refuse your car outright. This is especially true for some brands like Lexus.

Speed Comes at a High Cost

Besides speed, the other primary motivator for quick lube shops is for their mechanics to meet specific cost-per-car quotas. That’s to say that some places will even charge you for things you don’t need and overcharge you for filling up your other fluids.

Quality Often Suffers

Most quick lube shops don’t require the extensive training or certification that our Lexus-certified technicians must undergo. Inexperience and speed aren’t a great combination since what you thought would be a quick and cost-effective visit can turn into expensive repairs if parts are damaged, or the wrong fluids are used. Don’t forget that your warranty won’t cover issues caused by shoddy third-party work, either.

Get Your Vehicle’s Oil Changed with a Lexus Service Appointment in Valencia

The best way to avoid the hassles and potential long-term problems of quick lube shop services is to come to Lexus of Valencia and get a service appointment today. Our Lexus-certified technicians will use Lexus brand tools, equipment, and parts to keep your vehicle in peak condition.