The LATCH system helps ensure your car seat is safely and securely installed. At Lexus of Valencia, we know safety is paramount for parents, so follow these steps to secure your child’s car seat and reduce the risk of injury.

What Is LATCH?

Car seats can be challenging to install correctly, with some estimates saying that up to three out of every four car seats are not properly secured. The LATCH system was introduced to make it easier to install a car seat securely using a system of anchors built into your vehicle. While a seatbelt can secure a car seat, the LATCH system is designed to simplify installation and keep children safer.

How to Attach with LATCH

Find the hooks on the bottom of your car seat, then attach them securely to the anchor points where the seat back meets the seat cushion. Your owner’s manual indicates precisely where your anchor points are located. Follow the car seat instructions on tightening the hooks and straps.

If the car seat faces forward, you must attach the top tether straps to the anchors behind the seat. Installing the top anchors limits the seat’s ability to move forward when an accident happens, reducing the risk of injury. Once all the straps are correctly tightened, test the car seat by trying to rock it from side to side, forward, and back—it shouldn’t move by more than an inch.

Find Out More about LATCH at Lexus of Valencia

All of our Lexus cars feature the LATCH system and top-of-the-line safety features to prevent accidents before they happen. Come down to Lexus of Valencia and talk to our team about our safest new Lexus models today!