If you’re looking for service finance support, Lexus of Valencia is the team you can trust. We believe every driver should have access to expert service, so we’re sharing top tips for getting the care you need without breaking the bank. Learn more about top tips and options for when your Lexus service is more costly than expected with support from our team.

Explore Lexus Financing Options

You likely already know all about your vehicle financing options, but did you know that you can also finance Lexus service? It’s our way of ensuring that every driver can access the care they need when they need it, which ensures their vehicle is as safe as possible for as long as possible.

The Lexus financing system is easy to use, and the application will take less than a minute. There’s no hard credit check, so you never need to worry about Lexus service financing affecting your credit score. With our service financing application, you’ll have a lightning-fast response, and 90% of applicants are approved.

Other Ways to Save

Lexus financing is excellent for unexpected repairs, but there are also steps you can take to reduce future service costs. You want to care for your vehicle regularly, replace parts when they show signs of wear or damage, remove excess cargo to minimize strain on essential systems, and change your driving routes to limit premature tire wear. You also want to explore our collection of specials and deals on parts and services.

Schedule Lexus Service at Lexus of Valencia

Here at Lexus of Valencia, we have your back on every stage of the vehicle ownership process, including scheduling service. Learn about your service financing options and submit your application with support from our team today.