You can keep your vehicle safe, efficient, and comfortable on many more drives with a bit of Lexus service. Every season has its own service needs, however. That’s why our team at Lexus of Valencia is sharing a closer look at the top service tasks you’ll want to schedule for protected spring driving.

Battery Inspection

In temperatures below freezing, vehicle batteries can lose up to 50% of their capacity, which can make starting your vehicle and running essential safety systems difficult. A spring battery inspection can help. It will let you know if your battery is in good working capacity or if it needs to be replaced so you don’t get stuck.

Oil Change

Old motor oil loses viscosity and turns thick and gummy. This leads to poorer and hotter engine performance, which can result in overheating. A timely oil change will keep your engine running cooler, cleaner, and more efficiently, so don’t put off on this essential maintenance item.

Tire Service

Our tires face a lot of obstacles on winter roads. More than potential damage, chillier weather conditions can lead to pressure loss, affecting the vehicle’s fuel efficiency and reliability. It’s a good idea to get your tires inspected and your pressure checked with the new season so you know your car will be as responsive as possible. If your tires have low tread depth or are more than five years old, replace them – including your spare.

Schedule Spring Service in Valencia, CA

When it comes to spring service, there’s no team like Lexus of Valencia. We’re dedicated to keeping your vehicle as safe and reliable as possible on every drive, and it all starts with your next seasonal service appointment. Visit our dealership today to get started.