How often do you think about getting out on the open road so that you can explore new places beyond the Valencia area? If you have big road trips planned for summer, you need to know that your vehicle can handle it. When it is time to upgrade your ride, we have a full selection of pre-owned and new Lexus cars ready to go at Keyes Lexus of Valencia. We also have a state-of-the-art Lexus service center if you simply want to have your current vehicle checked out before you hit the road.

As you plan your road trips for summer, we have put together some helpful tips to keep in mind:

Snack Breaks –When you get hungry on the road, it can really ruin the fun of a trip with friends or family. Pack up your Lexus NX 300 or Lexus RX 350 with a cooler for beverages and other refreshments so that you will have some things to snack on in between stops.

Limit Driving Time –Getting tired behind the wheel can become very dangerous. When you are out for a road trip this summer, be sure to limit driving time or swap out the duties with another licensed driver in the car. Better safe than sorry!

Side Trips – Some of the best memories come when you make an unexpected stop at a shop, winery, café, or a tourist spot. Leave some time in your schedule and allow yourself free space to wander to areas least expected.

You will find Keyes Lexus of Valencia conveniently located at 24033 Creekside Road in Valencia, CA if you want to buy or lease a new Lexus car this summer. If you want to have your current vehicle serviced, you can make an appointment simply by calling our Lexus service center at (833) 834-3406. Our service center is open Monday through Friday 7:30am to 6pm and Saturday 8am to 5pm.