Caring for your car is important throughout the year, but the excessive heat of the summer months can bring on a whole new set of challenges. When it comes time for summer maintenance, we want you to know that at Keyes Lexus of Valencia, we are happy to service not only 2019 Lexus models but all other years and brands. It is important to our team that we do whatever possible to make sure our customers are safe on the roads and enjoying their vehicle during the summer and beyond.

When it comes to Lexus parts and service in Valencia, you will find that our full-service dealership and service center is here to give you what you need. These are just a few of the services that we have to offer our customers when they need summer maintenance:

Tire Service – When you bring us your Lexus UX, we can take a look at all of the tires to make sure they are not damaged and that they are inflated properly. If it looks like you could use new tires, we can get a new set mounted and balanced for you.

Air Conditioning – In the heat of the California summer, your car’s air conditioning system is crucial. We can look it over, make sure that there are no leaks, and ensure that your AC is ready to go when you are to keep your cabin nice and cool.

Windshield Wipers – While it may not rain all the time in the Valencia area, you still need wipers in good shape to help you clear your windshield of road debris and grime. We can change out your wiper blades and make sure that you have plenty of washer fluid in the reservoir.

24033 Creekside Road in Valencia, CA is where you will find our beautiful showroom at Keyes Lexus of Valencia. Call our service team today at (833) 834-3406 to set up a summer maintenance appointment!