If you are in the market for a used car, chances are that you have heard some of the many myths and rumors surrounding used cars. Because of these incorrect misconceptions, many people avoid buying used cars and spend more to buy a new car. However, if you dispel some of the myths and rumors around used cars, you’ll find that they are a great option. Here at Lexus of Valencia, our dealers would like to clear up these pre-owned Lexus myths.

Used Cars Are Not Reliable

A lot of people trade in their car, not because it has problems, but because they are upgrading to a larger car or one with more amenities. The fact of the matter is that modern Lexus cars are built to last a long time, and innovations in engine design mean that many can now run past the 150,000-mile mark. Just remember to get regular Lexus service, and your pre-owned Lexus might as well be new.

Used Cars Demand a Large Amount of Cash in Hand

Some used car buyers assume that used cars must be purchased with cash. However, the fact is that when it comes to car financing, buying a used car is not that different from buying a new car. Our dealership has a Lexus finance center, where our professionals can help you get the best auto loan for your situation.

Used Cars are Lemons

There is a myth that used cars have several manufacturing defects and are unfit to be driven. This is simply not true. Every car that we buy at our Lexus dealership is thoroughly inspected to ensure quality. If you need extra reassurance, we also have a large Certified Pre-Owned Lexus inventory.

Now that you’re aware of the myths surrounding pre-owned cars, shop our wide selection at Lexus of Valencia.