One of the best aspects of new Lexus vehicles is just how easy they are to upgrade. Whether you’re somebody experienced with customizing the look and performance of your vehicle or you’re new to the process, you want to ensure that you use authentic OEM Lexus parts, not aftermarket parts. Here at Lexus of Valencia, we are your Valencia, CA source for OEM Lexus parts. Here are the most common upgrades that our customers tell us that they’re doing.

Fuel Pump

Replacing your stock fuel pump with a new one can make a noticeable difference in performance. It improves fuel flow and reduces the likelihood of misfires and drops in engine power. For enthusiasts, there are plenty of options for in-tank and out-of-tank fuel pumps that have monitors and speed controls.

Spark Plugs and Cables

Whether you’re driving a 2021 Lexus ES 350, a 2021 Lexus IS 300, or a different model, upgrading its spark plugs and cables can improve a variety of performance metrics. There are four types of speak plugs: copper core, iridium core, platinum core, and double platinum core. Our Lexus parts advisors will help you choose the right one for your make and model.


Here at Lexus of Valencia, we have a dedicated Lexus tire center. There are dozens of standard tires that will fit your wheels, but Original Equipment tires are engineered specifically for your Lexus car so that you can enjoy your investment at its peak potential.

Slotted Brake Discs

As a car’s performance increases, it is also necessary to improve its braking power. Slotted disc brakes help to dissipate heat more quickly than standard brakes.

Shop for these OEM Lexus parts and more right here at Lexus of Valencia.