If you’re searching for Lexus RX incentives and other ways to save on the luxury performance vehicles you love, make Lexus of Valencia your first stop. We make it easy to get behind the wheel of top Lexus models without breaking the bank, and we share all you need to know to maximize every opportunity.

Drivers With High Credit

Your credit score plays an essential role in your vehicle financing options. It tells the lender how reliable you are as a borrower and how likely you are to pay it back based on past transactions. The higher your credit score, the better your financing terms will be.

A high credit score also means more incentives will be available, since dealerships want to inspire you to bring home a new car. If you’re looking to qualify for more incentives on vehicles like the Lexus RX, consider taking the necessary steps to raise your credit score.

College Students

Here at Lexus of Valencia, we strive to be a part of our community and to give opportunities to those taking the next big step on their journeys. That’s why we offer the College Reward Program. New graduates will see a $1,000 savings on their next lease or purchase with the Lexus College Graduate Reward, and our College Graduate Financing program means you’ll enjoy competitive terms on your next car.

Military Personnel

We also want to thank those who do so much for our community. That’s why we also have a Military Reward Program available for military personnel, household members, retirees, and veterans. Qualifying drivers will receive a $1,000 reward on their next vehicle.

You can find the perfect new Lexus model, like a Lexus RX, at the ideal price right here at Lexus of Valencia. Learn more about Lexus incentives and who qualifies when you meet with the financing team at our dealership today.