The tires on your vehicle are literally where the rubber meets the road. That’s why it’s vital to select the correct set of Lexus tires. If you’re unsure of the type or brand to buy, or when they should be replaced, the Lexus of Valencia staff is here to help.

OEM vs. Aftermarket Tires

Most of the parts carried at a dealership or installed at our Lexus service center near Los Angeles are made by Lexus, which is the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) for those components. Tires are an exception; they’re made by third parties and chosen because they meet the brand’s exacting specifications.

Here’s why that matters: different tires have differing construction, rubber formulations, and sizes. The OEM-spec tires for your vehicle were specifically chosen to optimize its performance so you get the longevity and handling you deserve.

Application-Specific Tires

There’s a further wrinkle. Most cars ship with all-season tires, and these will be fine for most needs. However, if you spend a lot of time towing or hauling, or if you plan to take your Lexus GX off-road, you’ll want tires that are designed for those applications.

Checking Tire Wear

The next question is when to replace your tires.

  • Check tread depth by inserting a quarter upside down into the treads; if the top of Washington’s head isn’t partly obscured, it’s time for new tires.
  • If there are signs of visible damage, especially to the sidewalls, replace your tires.
  • Frequent pressure loss may indicate tires that are nearing the end of their service life.
  • A drop in fuel economy or a change in handling may also trace back to your tires.

Buying and Installing OEM Tires for Lexus Vehicles

Finding the tire brand that fits your driving experience requires knowledgeable assistance. If you want to replace your tires, schedule a service appointment at Lexus of Valencia.