When you or a loved one buys a Lexus vehicle, you can choose from various trims and option packages that enhance the vehicle’s appearance, functions, or performance. However, your customization options continue even after your purchase, thanks to a range of accessories available through our Lexus parts department. They even make great gifts for the holiday season!


Some Lexus accessories protect parts of the vehicle from damage from various sources. Outside, custom-fitted car covers or headlight covers can protect your car from the elements. Inside, trunk liners and seat covers help to keep your seats and carpet looking showroom-worthy.

Cargo Management

Even those of us who aren’t pack rats can find our vehicles getting cluttered. Bins and organizers can help keep the car’s interior tidy. Roof racks are another great addition since they can extend cargo capacity past what fits in your trunk or cargo area, especially for oversized items like bikes or kayaks.

Tech Accessories

Few of us drive without our favorite gadgets, whether it’s a smartphone for navigation and our Spotify® playlist or a tablet to keep the kids occupied on long drives. Consider using phone and tablet holders to corral your electronics or adding a dashcam for real-time video while driving.


Some accessories personalize the interior of a Lexus vehicle to match the owner’s personality and tastes. These can be as simple as you’d like, such as fabric covers for the armrests. If you’d like a higher-tech touch of class, LED illumination for the cupholders can prove as helpful as it is attractive.

Parts, Accessories, and Installation

Don’t forget that many accessories work best when custom-installed at a Lexus service center. For more ideas, information on ordering, or scheduling installations, call, click, or visit Lexus of Valencia today.