Hybrid and electric cars usually do not always have a reputation for offering a comfortable or exciting driving experience. Luckily, models like the 2023 Lexus 250h subvert these expectations by offering advantages absent from traditional gasoline-powered vehicles.

Lexus’ Hybrid and Electric Vehicle History

Lexus revealed the RX 400h in 2005, its first hybrid SUV. It combined a gasoline engine with a regenerative battery that charged when the driver held down the brake pedal. In the succeeding years, it refined this concept and even surpassed it. In 2022, it revealed the Lexus RZ 450e, its first all-electric SUV.

Hybrid Cars’ Enhanced Performance

By utilizing two power sources, a Lexus hybrid vehicle enables a smoother, more efficient driving experience than a gasoline-powered one. At any speed, for example, a Lexus hybrid optimizes power sent to all four wheels constantly rather than limiting the function to lower speeds. This ensures that each wheel outputs the most torque with the lowest fuel consumption.

The electric motor carries another benefit many drivers love. Engines have a torque curve, where peak power isn’t delivered until higher in the engine’s RPM range. Electric motors have no torque curve, delivering peak torque from the moment you depress the accelerator and giving you more pickup as a result.

Electric Cars’ Radiant Heaters

Electric cars face challenges in providing heat and maintaining power in severe winter temperatures. Lexus electric vehicles use a radiant heating system to minimize battery strain without sacrificing occupants’ comfort.

Find the Right Model for You

Lexus hybrids combine the best of electrified driving with luxury that delights. To learn more about the brand’s lineup of hybrid and electric cars, schedule an appointment at our Lexus dealership in Santa Clarita, CA.