Once you buy your dream car, you want to enjoy it right away. However, there are a few essentials to take care of after buying or leasing a Lexus RX to create a smooth ownership experience.

Obtain or Update Your Car Insurance

Before finalizing your purchase, alert your insurance company so it can add your car to your policy. If you already have insurance, provide proof at the dealership. Alternatively, perform your own research to find a policy that suits you while also following state laws regarding minimum coverage.

Register the Vehicle

Registration affirms that you purchased your car legally and that it meets your state’s safety standards. Though your dealership may have completed some of the steps for you, research your state’s laws to determine the necessary steps.

Read the Manual

Next, you’ll want to consult the manual. Safety features, connectivity, warning lights, and numerous other knobs, switches, and settings are all explained there. A quick perusal will help you customize the car’s features to your liking.

  • Connecting your smartphone to access your favorite apps and music
  • Setting up hands-free calling, texting, and voice recognition
  • Customizing drive modes
  • Learning how to use and adjust the vehicle’s safety settings
  • Familiarizing yourself with the maintenance schedule

Set Up – and Stick To – a Maintenance Plan

Through Lexus Luxury Care, you receive specific maintenance tasks free of charge. Though the minimum plan lasts two years or 20,000 miles, your Lexus dealer can help you find a longer-term strategy that preserves performance while saving you money.

Get Answers to Your Questions

A vehicle with this many features inevitably comes with questions, too. That’s what we’re here for. Visit Lexus of Valencia for answers you can trust, whether you need help with a particular feature or want Lexus accessories for a bit of customization.