Buying a car is intimidating for many reasons. Choosing the model and trim you want is already challenging, without accounting for financing and other concerns that arise during the process. Here are five questions to ask Lexus dealers in CA before committing to a vehicle.

1: What’s the Total Price?

The dealership will display the initial price of a particular vehicle on a sticker on a window or the windshield. However, this price does not account for additional feature packages, higher-level trims, or fees. Asking for the exact price will give you a better estimate of the associated costs.

2: Which Features are Standard?

The model presented on the lot may include nonstandard features. Asking for the list of all standard features and package options will narrow down which features you can afford and which ones you actually want.

3: What’s the Maintenance Schedule?

The maintenance schedule dictates when a vehicle owner should bring in their car for inspections and replacements of certain fluids and parts. Though you can find this information online, it may not accurately represent the real-world necessity of following one.

4: Can I receive Complementary Service?

One of the many perks of buying or leasing a new Lexus model: it comes with complementary maintenance covering your first two service intervals. Terms and conditions apply, and it’s worth discussing these with your Lexus dealer. However, it’s always good to know that peace of mind is yet another standard feature.

5: What are the Additional Fees?

Customers pay additional fees, which cover aspects like shipping the vehicle. Asking for a complete list of these fees will help you make a more accurate calculation of the final price and may even assist you as you negotiate your loan or Lexus lease.

Trustworthy Answers to Car-Buying Questions from Lexus of Valencia

Whether you are buying your first car or you are a repeat customer, you will receive comprehensive customer service when you visit Lexus of Valencia.