All-wheel drive Lexus models give you more control and maneuverability, especially when driving on difficult terrain, but often come with unique Lexus service needs. With a transfer case and an extra differential only present on AWD vehicles, it’s essential to ensure you come in for regular checkups and repairs to keep your new vehicle running smoothly.

What Is AWD?

For decades, cars have directed their power to the front or rear wheels; if you wanted traction on all four wheels, your only option was a cumbersome four-wheel drive system. All-wheel drive is a lighter system that sends power to both the front and rear axle, giving you a more even distribution of power and a smoother, more responsive ride. However, with this comes two extra elements to your powertrain that need occasional attention.

Differentials and Transfer Cases

Two-wheel drive vehicles have a differential at the center of their drive axle, evenly distributing power to its two wheels. When turning a corner, for example, the differential sends more power to the outer wheel, which must spin faster to cover more ground. All-wheel drive vehicles feature differentials on both axles, each requiring fluid. Unlike other fluids in your powertrain, there is no filter in the differential, so metal shavings can contaminate it.

All vehicles need differential care, but only all-wheel and four-wheel drive models feature transfer cases. The transfer case distributes power between the two axles and, like the differentials, requires fluid to protect its components. If you’re having trouble shifting gears or see signs of leaking, it could be time to have your transfer case serviced.

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Lexus vehicles are known for their precise handling, reliability, and comfort. Timely maintenance ensures they always deliver regardless of their driveline. For expert care using Lexus parts, visit Lexus of Valencia today.