The new line of Lexus vehicles has something to thrill every driver, with an electric 2023 Lexus RX hitting the market and a new Lexus SUV model. The 2024 Lexus TX is an exciting new addition to the Lexus lineup, a three-row SUV offering even more style and tech to make driving easier.


The 2024 Lexus TX builds on the 2024 Lexus RX, offering even more room with three rows of seating. Electric, hybrid, and fully gasoline-powered powertrains are all expected. This adds to a long line of Lexus electrified vehicles, including the 2024 Lexus RXh and 2024 Lexus LSh. As one part of Lexus’ project to reach carbon neutrality, this SUV builds a vision of a cleaner, greener future.

While the complete set of features is yet to be announced, it is rumored to come in three model variants: the 2024 Lexus TX350, the 2024 Lexus TX500, and the 2024 Lexus TX550h+. All Lexus model names follow a system: the TX signals it is a crossover SUV, and the number indicates engine displacement, giving a sense of both the gasoline and hybrid powertrains’ power.


We don’t know the features of the 2024 Lexus TX yet, but we expect it to offer even more luxury appointments than the 2024 Lexus RX. The 2024 Lexus RX features natural language control over the cabin through Intelligent Assistant and Advanced Park to make parking painless. It would be reasonable to expect its larger sibling to offer even more high-tech features.

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The 2024 Lexus TX joins the lineup of new Lexus vehicles pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Visit our Valencia Lexus dealership to explore our selection of Lexus crossovers and cars, and take one for a test drive today!