Some shoppers view car loans as overly complex and needlessly expensive. The fact is that when you’re visiting Lexus of Valencia for Lexus financing, it doesn’t have to be. We simplify and demystify the process, in part by helping you offset the sometimes higher prices of used car financing.

Added Costs of Used Financing

To best explain why used financing can be more expensive, consider it from the lender’s perspective. Used cars are likely to have some wear and tear where there’s none on a new model. This can mean repair bills after the warranty has run its course. Because the lender perceives a higher risk, they charge a higher rate for the loan.

Offsets to Lower Your Monthly Bill

While the rate may not change, you still have a degree of control over your monthly payment. Several offsets can help. These include:

  • Leaving a Larger Down Payment — The more you can put down when buying any car reduces the amount financed, which can significantly reduce your overall monthly payment.
  • Leveraging Your Trade-In Value — Similar to a larger down payment, trading in another vehicle when buying a used one can extend the down payment and significantly reduce your bill.
  • Buying or Leasing L/Certified Vehicles — An L/Certified vehicle is a pre-owned Lexus model that undergoes a 161-point inspection and has an additional warranty. This could reduce the risks noted above and reduce your payment.

Financing Your Next Used Car at Lexus of Valencia

Let us help you avoid the headaches of car financing at Lexus of Valencia. Our expert financial center staff can walk you through the different options to reduce your monthly car payment, no matter what model you drive away with.