A great way to find a pre-owned vehicle that runs as close as possible to new without the price tag is to find a certified one. You can also consider an alternative to simply buying it. Here, we want to introduce the idea of an L/Certified Lexus lease. Here’s how it works.

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Thanks to a rigorous inspection process, most used vehicles never earn the L/Certified title and those that do offer superior quality. If they pass a 161-point inspection by a Lexus-certified technician, they provide an extended warranty, a complimentary maintenance package, roadside assistance, and eligibility for a Lexus lease.

L/Certified Lease Terms and Advantages

The terms of an L/Certified lease are similar in most respects to a new vehicle lease. They range from 24 to 60 months, depending on the age of the vehicle. As noted, the lease will also include a unique warranty reserved just for L/Certified vehicles, and you will still have the same options at the lease end:

  • Lease another Lexus model
  • Buy the current model for the price agreed at lease inception
  • Turn in the vehicle and walk away

An L/Certified lease also comes with a hidden advantage of sorts. The lease value is calculated based on a percentage of the vehicle’s total value. Because they’re less expensive than new models, L/Certified cars work out less costly over the life of the lease.

Test Drive an L/Certified Lexus Today in Valencia

The best way to see if this option is right for you is to come down to Lexus of Valencia and test drive an L/Certified pre-owned vehicle today. While here, discuss with our financial center experts what your lease options are. We look forward to helping you!