Your Lexus tires are more than where the rubber meets the road. They contain vital information about their size, age, and performance capabilities. Understanding these details about your Lexus tires can help you make informed decisions about tire maintenance and when to replace them. Here at Lexus of Valencia, our team of certified Lexus technicians are ready to help you decipher your Lexus car’s tires.

Tire Sidewall Markings

Look at the sidewall of your Lexus tires, and you’ll find a series of numbers and letters that may look like a secret code in need of deciphering. With a bit of knowledge, it’s easy to decode the information found on your tires.

  • Tire Size: This indicates the tire’s dimensions, including aspect ratio, width, and wheel diameter. For example, a tire size of 225/50R17 means it is 225 millimeters wide, has a sidewall height of 50 percent of its width, and fits a 17-inch wheel.
  • Load Index and Speed Rating: These numbers are crucial for safety. The load index lets you know how much weight each tire can carry, while the speed rating indicates the maximum safe operating speed for the tire when it is properly inflated.
  • DOT Code: The DOT (Department of Transportation) code is essential. Its last four digits indicate the week and year of manufacture. This information is important for determining the tire’s age and whether it needs to be replaced.
  • Treadwear Rating: Some Lexus cars will contain this information, which indicates how long the tire tread is expected to last.
  • M+S: This information will tell you that the tire was designed for mud and snow.

Lexus Tire Replacement in Valencia, CA

If you have deciphered your Lexus car’s tires and discover that it’s time for replacement (or that they’re simply looking worn), pay a visit to Lexus of Valencia. We are stocked with a wide selection of OEM Lexus tires!