We’re all tethered to our smart devices these days, so if you’re shopping for a new luxury car it’s natural that you’d ask, “Does Lexus have Apple CarPlay®?” You’ll be thrilled to hear that the answer is yes for most Lexus models produced after 2018 and all models produced after 2020. This innovative feature seamlessly integrates your iPhone with your Lexus car’s infotainment system, making it easy and safe to access your favorite apps, messages, and music while you’re behind the wheel. Here is an overview of how to set up Apple CarPlay® in your Lexus car.

Simple Steps to Get Connected

  1. Check Compatibility: First, ensure your Lexus model and iPhone software are compatible with Apple CarPlay®. You can find this information in your model’s owner’s manual or by contacting Lexus of Valencia.
  2. Connect Your iPhone: Plug your iPhone into the Lexus car’s USB port using an Apple-certified Lightning™ cable. If your Lexus car supports wireless CarPlay®, you can also connect via Bluetooth®.
  3. Launch CarPlay®: Once you are connected, Apple CarPlay® should launch automatically on your Lexus car’s touchscreen display. If not, select the Apple CarPlay® icon from the main menu.
  4. Enjoy Your Apps: You will now see a familiar interface with icons for your favorite apps like Phone, Music, Messages, Maps, and more. Simply tap an icon to access the app and use it just as you would on an iPhone.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • For wireless Apple CarPlay®, ensure that Bluetooth® is enabled on both your iPhone and Lexus car.
  • If Apple CarPlay® doesn’t launch automatically, check your phone’s settings to ensure it’s enabled.
  • Restart your iPhone or Lexus car if you experience connection issues.

Test Drive a Lexus Car Enabled with Apple CarPlay® in Valencia, CA

Apple CarPlay® revolutionizes how you interact with your iPhone while driving your Lexus car. Visit Lexus of Valencia today to experience the convenience of Apple CarPlay® firsthand.